Micro-label indépendant fondé en 2014, et basé en Seine-Saint-Denis (Fr).

Entrefer se focalise sur différents projets liant musiques expérimentales, pratiques artistiques contemporaines et théorie du Chaos.

Independent micro-label founded in 2014, and based in Seine-Saint-Denis (Fr).

Entrefer promotes various projects linking experimental musics, contemporary art pratices and Chaos theory.

"Entrefer" (Titre original "The bridge"), de Iain M. Banks


"Some things echo more than others. Sometimes I hear the last sound of all, that never echoes because there is nothing to bounce back from; it is the sound of final nothing, and it comes booming through the great pipes that are the bridge's marrow-less bones like a hurricane, like God farting, like every shout of pain collected and replayed. I hear it then; a noise to rupture ears, split skulls, shatter walls, break souls. Those organ pipes are dark tunnels of iron in the sky, enormous and strong; what other sort of tune could they play?
A tune fit for the end of the world, the end of all life, the end of all things.
The rest?"